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Our Food

Using the freshest + most authentic ingredients possible, Aplós cuisine focuses on casual eateries found throughout Italy, Greece and the Middle East. 

Our menu consists of flavorful meats showcased on Mediterranean wraps, salads, lunch plates and Italian Neapolitan pizzas served in a fast fine dining atmosphere.

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Because all great celebrations start with a delicious meal.

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Our Mission

We embrace a mission of inclusivity, celebrating diversity in both our workforce and the flavors we bring to the table. Our dedication to sustainability and community engagement reflects our desire to contribute positively to the neighborhoods we call home. 

At Aplós Simple Mediterranean, we don't just serve meals; we cultivate memories, foster connections, and ignite a sense of shared joy in every bite. Join us in this culinary journey where the fast, the fresh, and the fun coalesce to create an experience that is uniquely ours, yet belongs to everyone who walks through our doors.